Nexus 7 Making Funny Noise

One of my favorite items that I use for information consumption is I use my Nexus 7 for social interactions, initial research on a topic or idea, and reading the vast amount of information I can get my hands on. Whether it’s from a book, pdf, or websites that I use Pocket to read.

I love it. However, there have been a few times when I’m using the tablet and I get a weird noise. da-da-da-da in decreasing pitch is the best I can describe it. This video does a better job of sharing the sound my tablet makes.

Before I would just turn off my tablet and hope it would go away, but today even when I power cycled the tablet, when I turned it back on, the noise was still there. Then I read in the comments of the Youtube video that it’s the NFC trying to read a chip close by.

Ohhhhh…A light went of

I had my tablet on the latest book I’m reading. This was a physical book that I got from my library (just because I love reading on my tablet doesn’t mean I don’t love checking out books from my library!) My library uses RFID stickers to check in and out books.

So my tablet was picking up the RFID signal with the NFC turned on.

So How Do You Stop It?

Best way is to just remove the tablet from the area where it’s picking up the information.

To do this go to settings

nexus tablet settings










Then click on More under the data

nexus tablet more










Finally, Deselect the NFC checkbox.

nexus tablet nfc












On the flip side, you can find a free NFC app on Google play, install it and let it “read” whatever chip your tablet is coming into contact. Because I’m a geek, I did this and found out how big the memory on the chip is and the manufacturer.

nexus tablet nfc scan results











How About You?

Have you had this issue? Did you know what it was and what to do?


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